Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Woman and the Man trailer

Watch the trailer of our upcoming film "The Woman... and the Man" Please like, comment and share....

"The Woman... and The Man" is a short film which addresses the peculiarities of the male gaze and how it leads to the objectification of the female identity. The film takes a nuanced look into the growing infatuation of a young milkman from the lower strata of the society towards a stunningly sensuous and free spirited woman whom he sees in the balcony of a big house while delivering milk pouches every morning. As the woman becomes the exotic element of his sexual fantasies he starts belittling his own plain-Jane wife, until a cruel twist of fate challenges the man to question the way he looks at women and his very notion of beauty.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Woman... and the Man

"She's hot! She's sexy! She's stunning! But she's not mine. Can I ever reach her, touch her, feel her?"

"Are you being stalked..? Are you being gazed at..? Does that make you uneasy..? Do you enjoy it..?"

 A tale of seeing, being and obsession. 2 women and 1 man in a journey of beauty, sex and love..
"The Woman... and the Man" is an upcoming short film produced and directed by Sarmistha Maiti and Rajdeep Paul. 

The film is a people's initiative and we are thankful to Devanjan Sinha and Pradipto Goswamee to join us as co-producers and whole lot of other friends as our supporters and backers to make this film happen. 

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The Woman... and the Man


Rendezvous - Gods are walking - a Stop-Motion Animation/New Media Film which has been selected in MIFF 2016 in the New Media Section...


She Creates to Conquer is an upcoming documentary film directed by Sarmistha Maiti and produced by PSBT and Doordarshan Prasar Bharati about three female contemporary visual artists Amritah Sen, Falguni Bhatt and Nobina Gupta, charting the position of women artists in the world of visual arts in India.

Read about it in The Telegraph :

The film has been selected in the Seattle South Asian Film Festival 2015

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Mrinal Sen - An Era in Cinema an upcoming documentary film directed by Rajdeep Paul and produced by PSBT and Public Diplomacy Division is a biography of film maestro Mrinal Sen through an overview of his cinema.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

At the Crossroads Wins the National Award..

(From L) Rajdeep Paul, Lew Hilt, Sarmistha Maiti, Mrinmoy Mondal (DoP), Partha Haldar (Audiographer)

Its a big cheers for Team Crossroads as the Film At the Crossroads Nondon Bagchi Life and Living wins the special mention to DIrectors Awards at the 61st National Film Awards 2013.

The directors will be present in Delhi for the prestigious award function to get the awarsd from the Honourable President of India.

Nondon Bagchi being filmed as the director duo watches over.